The Torch Review

The Torch (The Succubus Studies) by L.L. Frost is the 6th part of a reverse harem serial about a Succubus named Adie who doesn’t want to have sex to feed herself but instead wants to open a bakery to fulfill her passion as well as use it as a way to skim from humans. Unfortunately that requires money something she does not have. Which means she needs to get a loan from a bank. While attempting to get her loan she runs into three demons, one at a coffee shop, one a night club, and then the President of the bank. All three together offer her a deal that she cannot refuse.

Each part of the serial is only about 40 pages long, which normally drives me crazy. Ok, let’s be honest it’s driving me nuts right now because I am a very impatient person and I would normally only start a series or serial when it is complete. Which when I read the first five I had thought it was finished with an ending but what can I say I was completely wrong. So now I have to wait for each part to come out every month. I must say it is definitely worth it because, it leaves you not just wanting more but needing more. Your reading about this succubus who has these three demons who want her and need her at the same time and yet instead of doing like most authors would aThe Torchnd just having Adie jump in and start screwing their brains out she’s stretching it out. She’s making you say while your reading come on Adie kiss him, or I need more I want them together already.

I think that might be why I like author L.L. Frost and her serial so much because it is a slow burn reverse harem romance. While I happen to love sex scenes in my adult novels sometimes they can be too much. Some authors have so much sex it kind of feels redundant and the romance falls flat for me, because why would I think that the couple loves each other when all they did was sleep together and never talk.

I give The Torch and the rest of the serial all 5 stars and I can’t wait for L.L. Frost to publish the rest of this serial.


Seven Deadly Sinners Review

Seven Deadly Sinners by Dark Angel is an erotica about a girl named Caroline, whose father borrowed money from the wrong man/group of men and cannot pay the loan(s) back. When they come to collect or receive some sort of collateral her father hands her over. Caroline is an innocent young women who has only ever wanted her fathers approval and to be loved by him. Which is why she has stayed as pure a virgin. But when she sees the three men who have come to collect she begins to want things she has never wanted before.

Caroline is taken to Sin Inc. to be a prisoner to seven men. All seven want to take Caroline’s innocent for themselves. Can they have her? What will happen it’s time for her father to pay the piper?Seven-Deadly-Sinners-300x450

I really liked the plot of this book and I definitely did not expect the ending at all. With that said I was really disappointed at the same time. There was no background on any of the characters, no mention of how they became who they are or how they all met. There is mention of them being brothers but the way it was done I wasn’t so sure if they were actual brothers or just so close that they felt like family to one another. Also there was no real description of any of the characters. I think at one point one of the guys described himself and how perfect he looked but other than that I cannot tell you how any of the guys looked. All I could tell you is that all seven (7) of them had 12 inch co@Ks.

So, while part of me really liked this book the other part of me could not stand it. I think by the time I hit chapter 15 I couldn’t keep reading all of the sex. I know it’s an erotica it’s supposed to have a lot of sex but this has to be the first book I have ever read where it was basically only sex and the story was put in the background. Literally every other chapter was about sex. What made it so bad was that the sex wasn’t two or three pages long no, it was the whole damn chapter and the chapter was always super long. There was only so much I could take. While the chapters about Caroline and her men being intimate were long the chapters that actually had to do with the plot of the story were short and left me wanting more. By the time the men confessed that the all fell in Love with Caroline and vice versa I was quite upset because I couldn’t see how that happened when all they ever did was have sex they never really talked intimately with one another. At least I didn’t know anything about any of the characters which made me believe neither did Caroline.  After hitting chapter 15 and being fed up with all the sex I finally just started skipping over the parts I found annoying just so I could find out what happened at the end of the book.

Once again I found the plot to be interesting and I liked the ending but this book was just not for me. I would have to give this book a 2.5 stars.






First blog post

Have you ever read a book that was amazing and all you want to do is talk about it and tell everyone they need to read that book? Have you ever read a book that you hated and just needed to vent about it. Well I have and that is why I created this blog. I am always reading, if I don’t make it to the gym or to do laundry it’s because I have my nose stuck in a book and I completely lost track of time. So yeah, when I hate or love a book this is where I’ll go to vent or confess my love for it.